Old Masters Atelier©

Atelier is the French word for "workshop", and in English is used principally for the workshop of an artist in the fine or decorative arts. The Old Masters Atelier Program offers students who plan a career as a professional artist the opportunity to study classical drawing and painting techniques. Information is presented in a variety of formats intended to enable students of all levels the ability to grasp difficult concepts to later incorporate into their personal artistic work.   

Old Master is a term for a European painter of skill who worked before about 1800, or a painting by such an artist. An "old master print" is an original print (for example an engraving or etching) made by an artist in the same period. Likewise an "old master drawing". In theory an Old Master should be an artist who was fully trained, was a Master of his local artists' guild, and worked independently, but in practice paintings considered to be produced by pupils or workshops will be included in the scope of the term. Therefore, beyond a certain level of competence, date rather than quality is the criterion for using the term.

“ Mastering Classical Art “